A few quick ideas...

by Courtney Goldenberg, 4 months ago

As a person with a life-long mobility impairment, I feel strongly that there is a need to provide better city-wide ADA accommodations. Throughout Olympia you see broken and uneven sidewalks, overgrown trees and bushes that block sidewalk access, and curbs or steps without ADA access points or railing. There should be sound notifications at every lighted crosswalk for the visually impaired, especially throughout our downtown core. When downtown at night, I struggle with my balance and coordination from lack of overhead streetlights or other sufficient lighting. Even in the downtown community center, the elevator is small and old, and considering the elderly folks along with our disabled community members who utilize that space, I'm surprised it hasn't been updated yet. A lot of the local trails and parks are not fully accessible, all of which could use updating to provided more inclusivity for folks with wheelchairs or other assistive devices. In my life, if I see a curb, I look for a ramp, and if there are stairs, I need a railing. Even providing more places to sit either within public programs and activities would be a start, or within the city itself. Most of the bus-stops I see don't have benches or a place for anyone to sit or lean if needed, especially in the local neighborhoods.

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