Senior Parking Boardwalk apartments

by Teri H, 3 months ago

I live downtown in the Boardwalk Apartments for Seniors. Both of our building are at full metal capacity and parking lot spaces are limited so many of us have purchased permits to park on the side streets. Recently however with the new construction/demolition going on in the neighborhood and an upsurge of illegal RV parking and drug dealing out of these vehicles, we are losing the parking spaces we so desperately need. There has been a rise in breaking into cars and intimidating and physically threatening behaviors towards this very vulnerable segment of the community. People are feeling that their voices aren't being heard and none of us are able to defend ourselves and our property. Reports are made to city employees and the RV, are tagged and the people are talked to. The results have been more aggressive behavior to tenants and the illegal vehicles just pull around the corner and continue their business as usual. This situation needs to be addressed soon. We need to be able to close to our homes and with the nice weather coming, petty crime is going to increase and infect not only us but weekend visitors. I would like to hear if anything is being done to correct this problem or is nobody concerned about our safety.

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