Design right of ways for people first

by bwilcock, 3 months ago

I have noticed that our streets are designed with a priority to move cars quickly instead of moving people safely. I also have seen infrastructure for people driving and storing their cars invade and impede the limited space remaining for people outside of vehicles. Excellent grade separated facilities for people using feet or wheels to get around just dead end at car sewers instead of continuing all the way to trip generating destinations. I plan to walk around my neighborhood today to take some photos of cliff drop corners that would be disastrous for people who have difficulty navigating grade changes. Let's reconnect even grade paths for people moving under their own power or using adaptive personal mobility power. This could mean continuing the level of a sidewalk at grade through an intersection instead of dropping into the car trough. Why do I have to change surface level to accommodate people operating giant metal boxes with hundreds of horsepower on demand at the shift of a foot? Shouldn't they be required to contend with the mild barrier of my right of way? It would be very difficult for my walking, biking, rolling, or crutching to damage them. They could murder me by accident or mechanical malfunction. Forcing them up and over a cross walk that continues at the same level people are already at might also remind them that humans outside of metal boxes are sharing the space of downtown.

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